Hondo Software

This is where we do things, and we do them well!

  • Simple

    It is our great belief that the combination of simplicity and beauty is the one that leaves the most significant mark.

  • Clean

    We simply create clean designs. We believe that the message could be conveyed in only but a few words...

  • Intuitive

    Our view of a great design is how well users interact with it, clear call to actions, no explanations needed.

What We Do

We create, we design, we innovate and we build. And we make it look awesome.

  • Responsive Design

    Everything we do must work on every device, and it must look good.

  • Drupal & Wordpress

    Add, remove or edit your own Web pages, this is what it's all about.

  • Advanced Coding

    we've built Web, Mobile, Social and Desktop apps, we can handle smart.

  • Mobile Apps

    iOS.. Android.. Phone.. Tablet.. Native code or Cross-Platform, We'll make it happen.

  • Product Animations

    Whether for investors or target audience, we'll create the storyboard and animate.

  • Branding Graphics

    We'll handle your landing pages, your banners, presentations, logos, icons...

How It Works

We achieve the best results simply because we're doing it right.

We are creative and we do cool stuff, yet we have our 4 step process that we won't stray from. We call it our "4-step development cycle". It's a serial process, and every step can only be reached once the previous step was signed off. This was made for one purpose only - to insure quality of work! Our top priority is for you to receive code that is: scalable, reliable, documented and tested.

Our "4-Step Development Cycle"

  • Graphic Design - The first step of every development process starts with the UI (User Interface). We design it and go through iterations until you're satisfied. When you're ready to move forward, we'll have you sign off the UI and we'll start on to the nuts and bolts.

  • Development - This is the engineering part. This is where the magic happens.. we take your cool design and pump life into it, we write scripts and hack code that'll make your site or app interactive and responsive. When we're done we'll start testing.

  • Testing - We can make mistakes, we're only humans (well some of us are), yet this is why we need to test! We test it on every browser, every platform and every device, at the end - it will work.

  • Launch - The fourth and final step. We'll start small - call it Beta or Soft Launch. We get family, friends, colleagues or a selected testing group to run it. We'll create a sub-domain for you "new-site.yourdomain.com", add user & password, then leave your people to play around. We'll fix what doesn't make sense, and we'll go live!

Modern Techs

Here are some of the nuts and bolts we use.

Bootstrap 3.2

Enjoy the cleanliness of the Bootstrap icons, fields and fonts.


Get the responsive look of modern HTML on every device.


Structured and efficient Javascript for PC and mobile.


Simple, fast and strong back end code makes all the difference.

Pricing Table

We believe in a fair price for a great product.

New Website

Starting $8K
  • Custom Design
  • Up to 3 Iterations
  • 4-Step Development Cycle
  • Wordpress or Drupal Integration

Mobile App

Starting $12K
  • Unique UI Design
  • Cross Platform Solution
  • iOS & Android
  • Phones & Tablets


Starting $6K
  • Animated or Featured Videos
  • Unique Storyboards
  • Clean Custom Narratives
  • Cool Sound Effects

Our Work Portfolio

Here's a taste of some of the fine products we have out there.


About Hondo

We are a cutting edge IT solutions company with many years of collective experience. Our combined expertise is behind the full range of services we provide in the areas of web design, web development and application development. Our team of IT professionals also have years of experience from which to develop strategies that can effectively meet the needs of our clientele.

Our portfolio covers a wide variety of industries including healthcare, billing, gaming, music, and e-commerce. We specialize in areas of development that are customized to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our marketing expertise is beneficial in performing detailed analysis which can help industries improve product usability. We are also very consumer minded and develop sites and apps that function with the user in mind.

We work with businesses of varying sizes and particularly target startups and medium sized businesses. Our professional team members are adept in technologies which include LAMP, OOP, OLAP, AJAX and .Net.We are a reputable company which is known for delivering projects on time and on budget.

Awesome Animations

Flip through our video playlist and let us know which one you wish your video to look like.

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